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CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 418
Folio Incipit Cantus ID Feast
007r Laetabitur* MASS In g01294 Blasii
007r Alleluia Laetabitur* MASS Al g02236 Blasii
007r Desiderium* MASS Tc g01275 Blasii
CZ-Bm (Brno) A 7115
Folio Incipit Cantus ID Feast
086r Laetabitur justus in domino * MASS In g01294 Blasii
086r Posuisti domine * MASS Gr g02233 Blasii
086r Beatus vir qui timet * MASS Tc g01285 Blasii
086r Veritas mea * MASS Of g01278 Blasii